Hello, Tokyo! Why Asia’s Ruling The Catwalk

Move over Paris, pack a bag London, see you later New York because there’s a new style icon in town! This year, and probably most of next, Japanese fabrics, styles and origami inspired clothing collections are dominating the catwalks as the heart of Asia promotes its gorgeous silks, wools, and cotton, making lounge wear look better than a high-end couture gown. Japanese designers and manufactures have created butter soft, smooth and oh so wearable items that hopefully’ll firmly shut the doors on tight, uncomfortable fashion forever!

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Overnight Luxury

Inspired by people’s weekend trips and the short to Onsen’s, or Japanese bathhouses located in the mountains. Theatre Products, a prominent Japanese designer, presented their casual, capsule collection in partnership with Nakaden Keori. Whose textile factory in Ichinomiya, Aichi Prefecture focuses on producing luxury mixed weave and woven material in a wrinkle-resistant fabric that’s perfect for soft, linen shirts, casual Palazzo and wide leg trousers and velvety, luxurious cashmere sweaters.

A standout feature of the collection was the fact that none of the items would need ironing, or steaming after having been squashed into a small bag, or holdall and customers would be able to wear any outfit straight away. Other fabrics have been created using specialist manufacturing techniques that give them a more ridged surface while improving the stretch quality of the material itself which, in turn, gives you a more fluid, wearable garment.

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Baby Tee

If you’re looking for a wrinkle resistant, satin soft and sweat-absorbent T-Shirt, then look no further than A-Girl’s unique garment that’s making waves across the world. They’re light, can be worn with just about anything and is sure to be a sure fire hit with trendsetters everywhere. Vice President, Tomohiro Yamashita, is so confident in his product  A-Girl uses the T-shirt fabric in dresses, tops, and skirts for their own brand. Fancy trying out one of their sleek, stylish T-shirts? Head on over to t-shirts select your size and then step out in aviator shades, a pair of skinny blue jeans, some hoop earrings like these ones available at and a gorgeous mittente trench and you’ll have spring fashion nailed!

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Home Grown Success

It’s not just Nakaden Keori who’ve found fame with their fabrics as eager journalists, and industry buyers alike clamored for samples. Other designers including Calvin Klein have launched collections with Japanese denim, and Los Angeles brand James Perse uses Tokyo-based manufacturer A-Girl’s Co to produce their statement T-shirts. The Asian influence doesn’t end there either, Komatsu Seiren Co in Nomi, Ishikawa Prefecture, uses the fabric it supplies to European designers for its own brand, mittente.

Their cute, colorful trench coats are a must for fashionistas as well as those looking for a coat that stays dry as these garments have been created with water-repellent and wind-resistant material which makes them the most desirable raincoat ever. Over the next few months, you’ll also start to see Japanese influences everywhere from clothes, kitchenware, and decor trends to noodle based fast food and Asian/ European fusion dishes!

Three Simple Ways To Lead A More Successful Life

No matter how satisfied you are with your personal or professional life, there will almost always come a period of time in which you feel that it’s time to grow. Whether you define success in terms of financial increase, personal development, or optimized health, there are always strategies you can implement to lead a more productive, positive life. Below you’ll find just three of many simple strategies you can implement to lead a more successful life:

1. Develop A Business.

One great way to lead a more successful life is by pursuing financial freedom. Even if you love your traditional 9-5 work life, having a side job is a great way to generate more revenue and provide yourself with more vocational options in the event that something happens. With this idea in mind, consider the value of developing your own business. This could include anything from a franchise to a blog to network marketing. If you’re in need of supplies like tape, companies such as Continental Tape Printers can assist you. Learn more about this company by reviewing their website at

2. Implement A Beauty Routine.

As many life coaches know, developing systems and rituals is a wonderful, highly effective way to improve any given aspect of your life. This includes your beauty life. As such, it’s a good idea to develop a beauty routine which helps you feel confident about the skin that you’re in. Rituals like a monthly facial, weekly pedicure, and/or a bi-weekly massage can help keep your physical body in optimal condition. The end result will be a boost in self-esteem and more confidence when you interface with other people in your personal and professional life.

3. Join A Meetup Group.

While many people think of self-improvement when they contemplate how to grow as a person, it’s important to know that other individuals will oftentimes play an integral role in making you a better, brighter being. As such, it’s a good idea to get out and meet new people periodically. You can accomplish this objective by joining a Meetup group comprised of individuals whose hobbies and values are similar to your own. The people you meet can contribute to optimizing your level of success in many ways, one of which is by linking you to job opportunities!

Don’t Delay: Work Towards Success Today!

If you’re ready for optimized success in life, now is the time to get the process underway. Use the strategies outlined above to start making progress in your life immediately!

Wee Hours Shopping

We’ve recently rediscovered our passion for wee hours shopping at Uptown Danau Kota which is about 10 minutes away from where we live. Though the vendors there start operation from 9pm, the place comes alive only after about 11pm. I guess we are not the only night owls around eh. Anyway from clothes to shoes, from phone accessories to home entertainment gadgets which cost as low as RM5 a piece, window shopping will probably turn out to actual shopping leaving your wallet not surprisingly lighter than it was before you come. That being said, do becareful as some of the gadgets might be a bit faulty upon purchase so keep that in mind.

Now you want superior products in entertainment department, then check out out instead places like Guitar Center, cordless microphone, speakers and headphones etc, you’d be spoil for choices and with their 45 days satisfaction guarantee, you’ll have peace of mind for sure with your purchases.


3 Awesome Jobs That Use Your Personality

Our personalities are unique to us. They’re what define us, they’re what people see on the outside, and they’re what we use to connect to other people. There are many different types of personalities, and you can usually find out what type you are by taking a personality test. But whatever type of personality you have, there are some awesome jobs out there that let you use it to its fullest. So whether you’re introverted, extroverted, or a bit of both depending on what day it is, here are five different jobs that will let you be yourself.


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You can express pretty much anything you want as a blogger. Be it a blog about your favourite shows, a blog about your creative process when you make music, or even a blog about food around the world, you can write about almost anything and express yourself however you see fit. The key to getting a job as a blogger is specialising in a subject. You need to know a lot about a specific subject if you want to be seen as knowledgeable enough to talk about it publically on the internet.

But it’s not only your knowledge that will get you far in the world of blogging. If you have a great personality and you’re either very outgoing and love to respond to comments, or you’re quiet and informative, people will come to your blog and read because they enjoy your content and your personality. After all, people are going to read your blog for entertainment, so why not inject your personality into your writing and make it fun?

Money from blogging comes mainly from advertising revenue and affiliate programs, meaning it’s difficult to make a living when you first start out because you need a lot of readers to get enough revenue. It’s best to stick to your current job and maintain a blog as a side activity. Once you make enough money to pay for living expenses, you can dive deeper and put more time into it.


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Online Broadcasting is one of the world’s most popular online broadcasting platforms. You can broadcast almost anything, even if it’s not gaming related which is what the intended purpose is. You can broadcast yourself playing games, working at your job, walking around town or even getting creative with an art project. The content you broadcast is important, but it takes a secondary role to your personality. To make it big on and get enough viewers to support your living expenses, you either need to be informative and know a lot about a popular subject, or you need to have a great personality that attracts viewers.

For instance, if you broadcast yourself playing a popular video game, then you’ll get a lot of viewers asking you questions and donating you money if you are knowledgeable about it. You can give them advice, coach them, give them tips and even play with them. However, if you aren’t very good at the games you play or the things you do, then you’ll have to rely on your own personality to draw in crowds to bump up your viewer count. There are many other ways to attract people to your stream. For instance, you could create some free Twitch banners that will make your stream look more professional. You could also utilise social media as a platform to advertise your stream as well.

Money from broadcasting comes mainly from advertising revenue. However, once you’re popular enough and get a steady stream of viewers, you can also add a subscription button to your channel. This enables people to support you by paying $5 per month. You don’t have to give them additional benefits either, but you can always create incentives for subscribing to you. The other major form of income is through donations. Viewers typically donate to a streamer because they enjoy the content, want to get their attention, or would like to comment on something you’ve done.

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Music Industry

A job in the music industry is something that many people dream of. Being able to produce music and get money from it sounds like an enticing career, but it’s a lot harder than you might think. For instance, marketing is a major problem for new artists and music producers. Getting attention can be difficult, and with all the major talent out there, it can be hard to get your music to shine through. Fortunately, there are many different jobs in the music industry and most of them enable you to use your personality in order to do a good job.

When you create music, it’s natural for your own personality and creativity to shine through. Be it in your singing, the way you play your music, or how you act when you’re in front of a crowd. Your music almost becomes secondary to the way you act on stage because you turn more heads if you’re unique. However, that’s not to say that the music itself should be ignored. Think of it this way; if you attended a concert and the singer was just lip syncing to an audio file that was being played through the speakers, do you think you get your money’s worth? Absolutely not! Compare that to a singer who interacts with the crowd and gets them pumped up despite missing a few notes or forgetting a word or two. It’s easy to see that personality matters in the music industry, so if you want to let yourself go, be creative and you love music, consider a job in this industry.

Money from music can come from a variety of different sources. Traditionally it would come from record deals and sales, but with the rise of services like YouTube and Bandcamp, you could make a living by focusing on advertising revenue and digital music sales. The choice really depends on your current situation. If you get enough attention and you’re approached by a record label, then you could take that route. However, if you prefer the freedom to work however you want and with whoever you want, then going solo and using online services would be the better option.

Running Up To A Mortgage? Save Money!

Getting a mortgage is a part of most of people’s lives. The annoying meetings and viewings, mixed with a sense of unrestricted excitement. You need to give yourself the best possible chance of saving the best mortgage possible. To do this, you need the best deposit you can muster, as a result you need to save a lot of money. There are all differing ways to do this, and you need to find some tips that suit you more than others. Finding what works for you can take time, but is ultimately worth it. Sometimes it can be hard finding these out when you have work to do, but there are some tips that apply to everyone and can help when in the hunt for a mortgage. You may of considered some, but try the others and see how they can help you.

Cut Back On Needed Spending
Needed spending is things like groceries, and other things you just need to buy to survive. You can always get food a little cheaper, just be hard on yourself. This way you can save more money up towards the mortgage and have a bigger deposit. Check out offers and make sure you stick to your list, don’t needlessly pick things up. You can also check out for voucher codes for some money off your purchases. This may seem petty and small fry, but over the weeks you’ll soon see your money add up.



Watch Out For Monthly Outgoings
This is important because they take up a chunk of your monthly outgoings that your bank will factor into your lending. If you can get rid before your meeting then do it. That gym membership you hardly use? Cancel it. Don’t use Netflix anymore, stop it. Over the year these payments add up. Limit them for a better chance and a higher mortgage offer and a deal that can suit you way better. If you can, pay off some of the bigger owings, then you can be seen to be able to manage debt properly and give back what is owed, making you a more attractive person to lend money to.

Get Your Credit In Check
Use a site like Experian to monitor your credit. It needs to be good. If it isn’t, then work on it. Get a credit card, which admittedly sounds like the opposite thing to in this case but if you use it wisely you can build a great credit rating up. Make small payments on your credit card and pay them off at the earliest opportunity. You will soon see your credit rise. Have you had your name on the electoral register? If it isn’t get it on there. It can make a difference and help you push for better credit. If you have multiple credit cards then condense down to one. If you have a large limit then lower it. Doing these things can aid your limit and help you get the right mortgage offers when you sit down with your bank manager. Good luck!

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