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Wee Hours Shopping

We’ve recently rediscovered our passion for wee hours shopping at Uptown Danau Kota which is about 10 minutes away from where we live. Though the vendors there start operation from 9pm, the place comes alive only after about 11pm. I guess we are not the only night owls around eh. Anyway from clothes to shoes, […]

Getting Ready For Christmas: What to Buy for the Kids

Girltech Password Journal

Christmas is coming, so if you’ve got kids the sooner you can prepare, the better. Buying for kids gets harder and harder every year – is it just me, or do they already have everything they could possibly want? If you’re stuck on ideas, I have a few here that I think are really good. […]

No More Black For Me

A DECADE or even just five years ago, I could so see myself wearing these awesome Baby Phat Jackets. I was an avid fan of anything in black and I love the way the colors of the print stands out against the black background here. Wow! If only the jackets were made slightly longer till […]

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