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Singapore News: MRT FREE Travel

Here’s some good news for early birds.. or those striving to be early birds in Singapore. From 24th June 2013 onwards, The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will embark on a one-year trial program to encourage MRT travelers to travel early and arrive before 7.45am on weekdays to 16 designated MRT stations in the city area. […]

Quality Time with Mom

I can’t believe it’s been two months since I’ve visited my mom. I sure missed her and I can’t wait to go back home to Singapore and spend some quality time with her. Mommy told me that she will taking a week off from manning her food store so we can have more time together […]

I Love This Foldable Hanger

foldable hanger

I saw this foldable hanger at a local store in Singapore and its price was only SGD7.99. Cheap and good for apartment living for sure. So I told mom about it and she immediately wanted one.. Just as well coz there was only one left! Anyway, don’t you think it’s just awesome. I mean I’ve […]

Call Full IDD Number to Singapore

no more 02

Just thought I share this information with my readers… Apparently starting from 1st July, STD or Subscriber Trunk Dialing,  can no longer be used with Digi.. so make sure you use the IDD dialing protocol to get connected to Singapore :) Cheerio… First Commenter *** FC

Singapore Budget 2012

The Singapore Budget 2012 is out today. I’ve yet to read the speech or find out the details of the budget this year but am sure there are lots of goodies for us.. lol! Here’s the link in case you’re interested. Cheerio… First Commenter *** FC

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