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Running Off

Last we heard the water rationing exercise is over for May BUT since me being me is insisting that we still store water until this news is 200% confirmed and I see water running non stop for at least one week. “Kiasu” much? lol! There were rumours of course that the water rationing is probably […]

Call Full IDD Number to Singapore

no more 02

Just thought I share this information with my readers… Apparently starting from 1st July, STD or Subscriber Trunk Dialing,  can no longer be used with Digi.. so make sure you use the IDD dialing protocol to get connected to Singapore :) Cheerio… First Commenter *** FC

Maybank waived my RM0.09

I totally forgot about this post which was on draft. So I thought I just publish it now to close the case. Anyway, after my twitter session with the people over at Maybank (three weeks after they didn’t reply to my initial email and after a dedicated Maybank post ), they suggested that I send […]

Really @mymaybank ? RM0.09 pun nak?


Last month, while paying my full balance amount on my Maybank credit card via online banking, I accidentally missed out RM0.09 from the balance. I only realised it after I printed out my payment receipt. There were two things I can do. One is to pay off the RM0.09 and also incur the additional RM1.50 imposed by my bank or two, try to call Maybank and see if they write off the RM0.09 from my balance.

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