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How I Update My FaceBook Status on MS Outlook

I just found another plugin for MS Outlook today. This one is call FBLook and it lets me update my facebook status live right from outlook. So now I can just update my status to say “taking my diet supplements“.. without opening another browser. Awesome right? I know! All you need to do is just.. […]

How To Use Twitter on MS Outlook

I’ve recently decided to pop out my main email account to my Microsoft Outlook and after several hours of popping out. I can safely say, all my emails are now intact and safe and sound in my hard drive. So there I was tweaking and customizing with rules (making sure that emails containing keywords such […]

How to Get Smileys on your Twitter Status

Be it in our offline and online stuff, we all like to dress up everything we that we do and have. For those of us that have cats, we love to dress them up as other animals or even human. For those that have horses, we use horse tack to make them more attractive. For […]

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