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Tolerable Pain.. But for How Long?

copper bracelet

You know how sometimes how that pain that should not be there just exist one morning and although it is tolerable you start to think, what if it becomes permanent? Then you start feeling more pain and then before you realised it, it’s been a week since you got pain? Well that is what I […]

Drastic Action Needed!


After my last weighing machine encounter, I decided that I need to take drastic action to lose whatever excess flesh, fat and anything that does not belong in this body.. (serious note.. no lol-ing). I told A that from this day forward, I will take the stairs if I am not carrying anything and I […]

Check Stress Level on Your Android and iPhone


I found this cute little app from the Google play and installed it to see how stressful I am. It is really simple to use. You just click on the start button and place your hand over the camera and within 2minutes you’ll get your reading. So far the reading is pretty accurate for me […]

My CT Scan Gown

No.. this is not me going in for a checkup for a general liability insurance for marketing consultants (not that I am a marketing consultant), but this was what I had to wear for my CT scan last month to rule out if I had cancer. As you might or might not know, the CT […]

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