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Check Stress Level on Your Android and iPhone


I found this cute little app from the Google play and installed it to see how stressful I am. It is really simple to use. You just click on the start button and place your hand over the camera and within 2minutes you’ll get your reading. So far the reading is pretty accurate for me […]

A Good ToDo Android Apps Please

I’m way past my bedtime here in Singapore. If in KL, this is still early, here in Singapore, it is very late for me. I have an early morning appointment tomorrow and I still got to evaluate this new affiliate marketing program that was introduced to me today. I want to make a decision before […]

Music Monday #175: California King Bed (Rihanna)

I was watching Victoria Secret 2011 Fashion show on tv yesterday with Azwaj (who was noodling on his guitar) and during the Passion line, this wonderful song came on as an accompaniment to the line. Azwaj started playing along and we both fell in love with the song but since we didn’t know the singer […]

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