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3 Fashion Stylist Tips for Women

The fashion industry is always seen to produce new trends every season and it can be hard to catch up to them. Fashion lovers may fall in love all the fantastic new designs created by designers but one thing that they should know is to always purchase something which works for you. Some people shop […]

Coin Jewelry for a One of a Kind Look

Coin Jewelery

Jewelry is often used to make a statement. The wide variety of fine jewelry available allows people to capture a piece of their personality in the bracelet, ring or other piece of ornaments they wear. Some personalities prefer visually outspoken pieces; others prefer fine subtleties to their rings, watches and necklaces. For a truly personal […]

My Wonderful Wood Watch from Jord

Jord Word Watches

It’s been a while since I got myself a new watch and the watch that I am wearing right now was a birthday present from dearest Azwaj from 2000! I am not complaining mind you coz I love it so much as it is so versatile and I can wear it anywhere. Anyhow, since I […]

7 Great Summer Shoes for 2014


The sun is shining; the birds are singing; the boots are going in the back of the closet. It’s officially summertime, and that means it’s also time to upgrade your shoe collection with something more suited to hot afternoons and days spent frolicking in the sand. What are your best footwear options for 2014? Here […]

How to Have a Different Look Every Day


If you’re tired of the same hair style, then why not try clip-in hair extensions? These are an easy way to have a different look every day of the week if you want. The extensions come in various colors from your typical shades of hair to colors like blue and red. You can wear the […]

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