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No Hissing

ISP Technologies Decimator G String II

If you are like my Azwaj who plays the guitar with very low volume, then you probably won’t need the ISP Technologies Decimator G string guitar II noise reduction pedal. However he did tell me that if he does play loud sometimes there is hissing coming from amplifier then this is the one pedal he would […]

Find Out Everything About Your Favorite Celebrities


budget travel accommodation Many of us have an obsession with celebrities. We might have favorite singers, actors, or just people who are famous for being famous. While plenty of people go about their day without ever caring about famous people, others are much more interested. If you have a favorite musician or actor, you probably […]

Charity Street Pianos Bring Cities to Life

There’s a new effort in charity that’s helping to bring cities to life. Rather than just giving people money or giving them something to eat, the new effort is based around the prospect of giving people something to do and something to hope for. Specifically, many charities are now finding out that one of the […]

How To Find The Perfect Musical Instrument


For avid readers of this blog, you will know that I love my music. And, if you are not a regular reader, the category ‘Music Mondays’ gives it away! Now, I don’t claim to be a musical savant, but I do know a little bit, to my credit. Being surrounded by music for much of […]

Grammy Awards to Honor Legendary Artists

If there is one thing that a musical artist wants, it’s a Grammy Award. Known for honoring the best in the entertainment industry every year, the awards go to those who the board recognizes as being in the best in their genres. Artists generally do not know who will win until presenters take the stage […]

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