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I'm Joining A Contest

It’s been a while since I joined any contest and so here’s one that I think is super easy. All I need to do is just place the badge on my sidebar and fill up a form at the site. 3 winners would win a cool USD50! As an added bonus I could blog about […]

I Want Me This Lip Gloss **

My Fashionista blogging buddy, Shemah is having her first ever giveaway at her blog, The Accidental Fashionista. The giveaway? Well it is an awesome VICTORIA’S SECRET BE SWEET BEAUTY RUSH LIP GLOSS SET and I want to win it! … and if you want a chance of winning it as well.. here are the rules.. […]

I Want to Win this Bag **

They say better late than with that spirit in mind, here’s my entry for Debbie’s bag giveaway contest. Debbie.. you know I love bags right.. and this one will fit well into my collection..hehhhhee.. so please be kind to me.. lol! Here are the rules.. Rules:1) This contest is open to everyone, […]

I Need A BackPack

… and TH is giving away the one that I want :) TH is having a Mother’s Day giveaway and although this is a last minute entry, I hope I get it :) I just love bags.. any kinds of bag and to NOT enter this contest seems like a sin to me.. LOL! Besides […]

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