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Music Monday #194: Untuk Dia (Sleeq & Najwa Latif)

sleeq and najwa

Time for something new this week people. Something fun and catchy that got me singing and humming along. It’s from Sleeq and Najwa Latif “Untuk Dia”. Take a listen and tell me what you think and for those of you in love with characters from the tv show “Nora Elena” namely Seth Tan and Nora […]

Music Monday #192: Ombak Rindu (OST – Hafiz & Adira)


I don’t normally watch Malay movies however when the lead actor is as talented, hot and yummy as Aaron Aziz, an actor from my homeland, and the actress is as pretty as Maya Karin, I, LadyJava, makes an exception and spent about 2hrs watching the very romantic Malay movie “Ombak Rindu” .. lol! Based on […]

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