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RIP Entrecard?

Updated Post: Yeap,.. Entrecard is DEAD Azwaj was reformatting my pc when I returned from my Singapore trip last Friday. Apparently I had tons of spyware or malware or something ware that is causing my pc to slow down in terms of performance and causing my chrome browser to crash ever so often so much […]

PR Update underway

I believe there was a Google Pagerank update lately and this blog went down a step (bohhoo). Thank goodness none of my other blogs were affected. Check if your blog has increase or decrease in page rank here. Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly: This page rank checking tool is powered by […]

WordPress Upgrade


I learned a thing or two when I upgraded my current WordPress to the latest version.
Firstly the most apparent was that that I was not able to view or compose post. When using Firefox, the box was there but the text was like there on minute and disappear the next. I …

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