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How I Update My FaceBook Status on MS Outlook

I just found another plugin for MS Outlook today. This one is call FBLook and it lets me update my facebook status live right from outlook. So now I can just update my status to say “taking my diet supplements“.. without opening another browser. Awesome right? I know! All you need to do is just.. […]

How To Use Twitter on MS Outlook

I’ve recently decided to pop out my main email account to my Microsoft Outlook and after several hours of popping out. I can safely say, all my emails are now intact and safe and sound in my hard drive. So there I was tweaking and customizing with rules (making sure that emails containing keywords such […]

How to overcome white screen after WordPress 3.0 install

As I mentioned in the post at my blog Life’s Pages, I just had a tortured three hours when I decided to upgrade to WordPress 3.0. If I had been one of those people that break out when stressed, I would probably need the best acne treatment right about now. The thing was I actually […]

How to Mass Remove or Add Labels on Post in Blogger

I have been asked numerous times by clients who wished to know how to revamp/add/delete their labels or categories for their blog post in blogger blog. So I thought, where better than to just put it here at LadyJava’s Lounge so that you, my readers, might benefit too. Firstly, think of label as a filing […]

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