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Tips for Making a Website

With a lot of people carrying around their smartphones and working on computers all day, everything is moving towards digitalization. Making a website has become very important for every company, group, or individual that wants to get attention and influence others. Once you get website hosting, you’ll need to know how to set up your […]

Blog Entry Sent Via Email


Hi everyone I am testing to see if this works and if it does.. well life just got easier right? Theoretically I can just write this entry on my email provider and presto it should publish on my blog once I press the SEND button. Yeah yeah, I can just go to my blog and […]

Google Reader is Retiring


First they say iGoogle will no longer be available from 1st November 2013, then they renamed Google Doc to Drive, and now  Good Reader is closing down on 1st July 2013. What’s next? Blogger? Cheerio… LadyJava First Commenter *** FC

Yeap.. Entrecard is Dead…

I am officially removing my entrecard widget from my blogs today. Based on this blog entry, it looks like Entrecard is really dead people. It’s been good while it lasted but I guess all good (or bad.. depending on how you look at it) things must come to an end. I wonder if there will […]

RIP Entrecard?

Updated Post: Yeap,.. Entrecard is DEAD Azwaj was reformatting my pc when I returned from my Singapore trip last Friday. Apparently I had tons of spyware or malware or something ware that is causing my pc to slow down in terms of performance and causing my chrome browser to crash ever so often so much […]

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