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Better Presents with A Better Florist

If you haven’t heard of A Better Florist so far, you’re definitely missing out. Luckily, it’s never too late to jump on the flower bandwagon. Flower shopping is something that we often resort to when we’re in a rush and have an important event, date, birthday, or want to express ourselves with a beautiful gesture. […]

Brief Tips That Will Leave You Feeling Perky

Does your underwear drawer hide bad secrets? Are you guilty of lingerie crime? Whether it’s wearing the wrong size, washing them on the wrong setting or even worse not washing them enough there’s a lot of common mistakes that could land you in women’s underwear hell. So if your bras aren’t as brilliant as they […]

Coin Jewelry for a One of a Kind Look

Coin Jewelery

Jewelry is often used to make a statement. The wide variety of fine jewelry available allows people to capture a piece of their personality in the bracelet, ring or other piece of ornaments they wear. Some personalities prefer visually outspoken pieces; others prefer fine subtleties to their rings, watches and necklaces. For a truly personal […]

My Wonderful Wood Watch from Jord

Jord Word Watches

It’s been a while since I got myself a new watch and the watch that I am wearing right now was a birthday present from dearest Azwaj from 2000! I am not complaining mind you coz I love it so much as it is so versatile and I can wear it anywhere. Anyhow, since I […]

6 Great Gifts For The Woman In Your Life

There’s no greater trepidation than trying to shop gifts for her. But what if the process was easier than you think? Here are just six gift ideas for all the women in your life. 1: Anklets Unless you’re buying something for your girlfriend, jewelry can be an awkward present. Anklets, however, don’t send any message […]

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