LadyJavaIn the internet world, I’m known as LadyJava, and my Id says it all, I’m a lady and a Javanese by race. Born a Singaporean Pisces, I grew up and lived my life there until I got married to a Malaysian. I am now residing in Malaysia with the love of my life along with nine (at last count) fur-kids.

I’ve always been a career woman. However, in Malaysia, I’m not allowed to work on social visit pass. I’ve applied for permanent residence five years back and still no sign of approval..bumer right?? So to occupy my time, I’ve started several blogs to make friends and make money the fun way.

Also, I’ve dabbled with my own blog makeover and web design business for a while now and if you require my online services, please contact me for a quotation.

I can also be found on and Twitter.

Talk soon!


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