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I love designing! I love it when clients give positive feedback and then start recommending me to others. That was how my online business started by the way. From word of mouth through satisfied customers. It also helped that each customer has like 3 or 4 websites or blogs that needed tweaking or a full new look, so repeat sales always happens. I am blessed that my work is my passion.

I am also diversifying my skills. From designing for online projects, I have also moved to printing. I am now not only doing banners and posters for websites and blogs, but I am designing huge posters for displays at exhibitions for my overseas clients. My portfolio has spread to include brochures, business cards, flyer designs and also postcard designs. I reckon my next big purchase needs to be some kind of poster printers or I need to form a business relationship with some poster printers either overseas or locally. This is because most times I need to see my draft on paper to see the proportion of text to images and I need to sometimes print them in color just to see if the blending works. Everything looks good on screen but in print it is a different case altogether sometimes, so it best to see it as such, IN PRINT.

Maybe I should just Tweet this post to find if someone out there wants to form an alliance with me as in I design, they print… that would be so awesome! You do know that ink cost a lot of money right? This way I don’t have to worry about ink and stuff.. smart me right?

Anyway, like I said earlier, I am very fortunate that I am enjoying my work. Who knows how long this will last but I am riding the wave as it goes :)


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