Yeap.. Entrecard is Dead…

I am officially removing my entrecard widget from my blogs today. Based on this blog entry, it looks like Entrecard is really dead people. It’s been good while it lasted but I guess all good (or bad.. depending on how you look at it) things must come to an end. I wonder if there will ever be something similar.. Remember CMF, remember Adgitize.. they all didn’t last long either..

Anyone found a replacement program yet? Let me know ok!


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13 Responses to “Yeap.. Entrecard is Dead…”

  1. Mariuca says:

    Eh widget still here? LOL! I removed from WOAFS only so far, rest will remove when I update the blogs he he…:p
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  2. Christinchen says:

    Sad that EC has closed, I thought it was just on a huge pause, the hugest pause so far! It's my only reliable help for traffic and seo. It would help greatly if you can suggest an alternative to Entrecard…
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  3. Monica says:

    RIP EC! i oso removed the widget from my blog edi!
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  5. grayspirit says:

    Sadly deleted my Entrecard. Would be nice if something else showed up to replace it.
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