Elizabeth Hurley: Engaged to Shane Warne

elizabeth hurley is engagedThe premiere of Season 5 of Gossip Girl last week was filled with drama over how someone might be preggers. But that is not what this post is about as I’m pretty sure we all pretty much guessed who it was if we saw last season’s finale.

This post, however, is about the gorgeous Elizabeth Hurley who, by the looks of it, have landed a role in the show. She was absolutely stunning and I just love her accent and last heard she is also engaged!

Apparently, on Saturday, both Shane Warne, 41, and Hurley, 46, sent identical Tweets that read: “Thanks for all your congratulations. Here’s a pic of us about to go to Dunhill dinner in St Andrews.”

elizabeth hurley engagement ringWondering what her diamond ring would like like. Well wonder now more.. here it it!



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14 Responses to “Elizabeth Hurley: Engaged to Shane Warne”

  1. Mariuca says:

    I used to think she was DDG but now not so much… she seems old and haggard edi.. to me la.. so dont scold me ah Liz Hurley fans! :*
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  2. Monica says:

    congrats to Elizabeth Hurley & Shane Warne!<3
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  3. JeanYummy says:

    i love i love Liz Hurley!! She is the most gorgeous woman ever!! <3<3
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  4. JeanYummy says:

    oh, and i love her accent too!! her elegant british accent! oh, if i am a boy, i wud fall head over heels for her.. hehe
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  5. Bill says:

    She is a very beautiful women. She deserves to be happy and i hope this last a life time. Congrats to the very sexy Elizabeth Hurley B)<3
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