That’s a Whole Lot of Sh*t

lolAt this moment in time I think I need a portable toilet more than I need ordinateurs portables .. lol! After my first round of laxative (as prescribed by my doctor in preparation for my surgery tomorrow) at 4pm, I had to run to the toilet for 11 times. That’s the amount of Sh*t i have in my body.. lol!.. Now the feeling to go has somewhat subside but guess what my next dose of laxative is supposed to be at 8pm. I reckon another marathon is in order.. lol!

Fun sh*tty day indeed!


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22 Responses to “That’s a Whole Lot of Sh*t”

  1. Shemah says:

    Hahahah detox LJ!! LOL! :) wuah i think can lose few kilos like that!
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  2. Shemah says:

    Good luck for your surgery, tomorrow! :) :) I hope all the pre-surgeryp preparations aren't too tiresome for you! :)
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  3. Mariuca says:

    Last round at 8pm, u will be up and about until 3am kut to go to the loo…. last one.. so take the ubat!!
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  4. JeanYummy says:

    lol! 11 times? you must hv been very tired by then! haha
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  5. JeanYummy says:

    how are you doing now?
    take care ya, LJ!
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  6. LadyJava says:

    it's 13 now Jean…hahah…. so tired.. am taking glucose for energy

  7. wow 11 times? must be tiring.. n mesti perut also memulas.. maybe when perut already empty then won't go to toilet anymore? haha can lose weight la like this!
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