2011 Earth Hour

I didn’t participate in Earth Hour last year because we were out sourcing out for acer netbooks for a client but this year since we were home, we decided to support this great cause. I mean there was nothing to lose.. In face I saved an hour worth of electricity bill.. lol!

We also took the opportunity to make something romantic out of  it. We had an awesome candlelight dinner.. hahah..The menu wasn’t any special but the ambiance and the company was definitely awesome! Even the kitties enjoyed all the shadow play.. lol!

candlelight dinner


All in all it was a good hour. We will definitely be joining again next year!



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  1. Mariuca says:

    What a romantic hour, Happy EH LJ!
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  2. […] Earth Hour was just over, we just finished dinner and I was just settling myself in my seat in front of my pc intending to look for cheap car insurance when both me and A heard a kitty SCREAMED.. and we recognized the voice instantly. It was Jay-Bol! We literally jumped out of our chairs, with Mommy Joy in tow, and went out to the corridor. We looked out and heard the neighbour downstairs gate being opened and we saw him at the staircase landing. Mommy Joy immediately went to answer the cries of her son and we saw them reunited seconds later. Since he was still screaming, Azwaj went down to meet up with him and carried him up. He was traumatized as he was greeted by the rest at home. I should have taken picture of the reunion but I was busy caught up in the reunion moment too! […]

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