Purple Dragon Fruit

I was over at the supermarket today and I saw this fruit that looked similar to the dragon fruit I’m used to seeing and having when I was in Vietnam. So remembering the yummylicious taste, I decided to purchase it. After all it was only RM3.95 for four pieces, which is pretty cheap.

So once we got home, I cut it open and instead of white flesh like the ones I’m used to seeing, the flesh was bright purple. I seriously don’t know if they coloured the fruit or something but the taste was just as yummy as I remembered it.

So anyone else have ever seen or tasted this purple dragonfruit before??


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  1. […] I doubt I’ll be visiting the place again though. For one, the food sucks (except for the Dragon Fruit) unlike our trip to Bangkok. For another, pollution was an all time high and it’s a dirty […]

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